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We know you.  You are just like us...a small business.  That means you are the CEO, COO, Sales Manager, Product or service manager, and head custodian.  Do you really have time to deal with today’s advertising and marketing challenges...especially the creation and maintenance of your web site?

We can help!  We design and maintain web sites for small businesses at affordable rates., and provide management consulting services to small businesses.

Contact us for details!

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Our Company

Compass specializes in web design for small businesses, including hosting, design, and maintenance.

Compass can also help with planning, marketing strategy sessions, design and implementation of comprehensive marketing and advertising plans to include all media, promotion, and help with financial planning as well.

Mike Petersen is president of Compass Consulting.  Mike has over 30 years experience in advertising and marketing and will be working with you directly to help your small business grow to its full potential.


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